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Palm Garden Village Hotel


Surrounded by lush plantations of trees and a history of over 2000 years, Palm Garden Village Hotel is located in Anuradhapura. With a tranquil atmosphere to help you have a relaxing holiday in this ancient capital, Palm Garden Village Hotel offers a range of facilities from comfortable rooms to a large outdoor swimming pool. Ayurvedic treatments are offered for total relaxation.

Our Rooms


Our Facilities

Refined and welcoming, they face the park. It consists of two spacious areas for relaxed dining and for important occasions.
For recreation purposes there is an outdoor swimming pool which is surrounded by the beautiful gardens of the premises and is considered as the largest in the area. Lounge chairs are available for guests to relax all day.
Ayurveda, which translates as life science, is Sri Lanka 's traditional herbal medicine and has been used here for thousands of years, as documented in ancient texts. There are many hospitals among the ruins of our ancient cities and all of these were Ayurvedic ones. Ayurveda is based on the natural cures contained in leaves, flowers, bark, roots and berries, from which are made various tonics, wines, potions, powders, poultices, pastes, pills, ointments, infusions and inhalations. In our Health Center we provide the following treatments,Head Massage, Body Massage, Foot Massage, Steam Bath, Herbal Bath, Facial Massage and the relaxing Jacuzzi Bath in the new Spa area.All above is done by a qualified and well experience doctor.